S.C.U.B.A equipment servicing

Servicing your S.C.U.B.A equipment is one of many crucial steps to making sure you can breath and dive safely. Each regulator, BCD, tank and breathing mask has a specific breathing standard and servicing interval. We recommend an inspection prior to the season starts to make sure it works to the manufactures standards and a service every second year depending on your use. We can also arrange for little adjustments along the way if anything changes.

Our service provides an inspection, pressure test before and after cleaning of your regulators as well as replacement of parts as per the servicing manuals.

We do not recommend divers take their equipment apart this is due to the chance that one little scratch can cause a sealing issues, pressure issues and more. There are no emergency repairs underwater. So make sure you prepare yourself here for what is out there.

Our turn around time is 3 days for a full set of gear. In the event of a delay this can be due to an out of stock part.